12. Answers to selected exercises#

Below, answers to selected exercises can be found. Not all answers have been included, due to two reasons. Some of the questions only lead to a new insight when the answer is actually constructed, and the student is encouraged to do so. Furthermore, some other questions embody small programming projects, and don’t have straightforward answers.

The remaining questions have been constructed to highlight a particular point in the discussion (which, incidentally, is the reason that they are printed throughout the text, and not at the end of each chapter). They are most advantageous when addressed as soon as they are encountered. The answers provided here can then be used to check and assess one’s own solution. Most of the answers contain additional explanatory remarks.

Alternatively, this appendix can be read separately, after the previous chapters have been studied. To this end, some of the questions have been reformulated so as to minimise references to the original text.